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The Importance of Tech Trends Every Small Business Needs in 2019.

The records show that 22 million businesses in the US are run by private individuals which is to show you just how well the industry is doing. Even so, it is not to mean that if you start a business in this field you will definitely thrive. The IT department is critical in kinds of business. Some of these trends can be used to win big in this field. You have to take note of automation if you are running a small business. This is all about control the delivery and production process but using technology. This replaces humans in the business operation. You should plan for this in 2019 because a lot of businesses are doing it. Employees will not have to be stuck in menial tasks. In addition, this process will allow you to focus on accomplishing bigger goals in your life. It has been reported as a rather successful process in the IT industry, defense, transportation, and manufacturing .

Also, it is time small businesses incorporated digital currency in their operations. It is okay to be distrustful of new things at a time but if you have been holding back about digital currency you need to go with the flow because it will not be disappearing any time soon. Technology might seem like a complex thing for small businesses but it is not always the case. However, it is less likely to be scammed when you re using digital currency. Also, the transactions are faster and you will have full control. Digital currencies like Bitcoin ensure you have a record of all the transactions. This is not the only coin you will have access to. Messenger Chatbots are also growing in popularity and you can expect them to become even more popular in 2019. These bots are able to send responses which is a great thing when you are not available to help your clients. These is thanks to artificial intelligence which is streamlined every single day. You can make sure the customer service lines do not get too long by the use of these bots. You can incorporate the bots on the major apps your clients have to use every day.

Also, you need to learn about Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for the sake of your small business in 2019. The customers can understand all the aspects of the product you are selling before they purchase it thanks to AR. Once you understand how to use VR and AR to your advantage, you wont have to struggle anymore. InternetofThings or simply IoT is something people should take note of too in 2019 and you can learn more about this here. This is a name of the devices everyone around the world uses in surfing.