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What You Should Know About Sports Physical Exams

Before taking part in any sports activities, it is important to know the condition of a child physically and that is why they should take sports physical exams. One of the things that one can detect early when one takes a child for sports physical exam is a deterioration in muscle mass and this can lead to injuries if it is not discovered in good time. By dealing with this condition and one can be able to prevent long-term effects on a child who plays sports. Most sports physical exams are taken before the gaming season since they’re usually compulsory.

Taking a sports physical exam ensures the safety of a child. The first thing that a doctor does when a child goes for a sports physical exam is to look at the medical history of the child. Some of the things that a medical history can expose is illnesses in a family and past injuries. The doctor may want to find out if a child is taking any medication. The height and weight of a child is usually noted during a child’s physical exam. It is also necessary for a doctor to check a child’s vision during the sports physical exam. When one goes to a clinic that does sports physical exams, one may find that they do a check for far vision and also near vision.

Blood pressure is also checked at a sports physical exam. The heart and lungs are also part of a sports physical exam when one visits a clinic. At a sports physical exam, hearing is also checked by a doctor. Children can do well when they listen to the advice that a doctor will give after completing a sports physical examination. There are other tests that are optional to parents who take their children to a sports physical exam such as a check on a child’s skeletal system. A brain check may be necessary for a child who wants to do sports in school and one can get this optional test when they visit a clinic that does sports physical exams.

There may be other additional tests that parents can consider for their children when they visit a clinic that does sports physical exams. One can search in one’s area for a clinic that offers sports physical exams to make it easy to go to a clinic when a sports physical exam is required by a school.

A parent can also look for a cost-effective clinic that offers sports physical exams.

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